Tuesday, March 24, 2009

philosophy in lines...

The Tao Te Ching or Dao De Jing, originally known as Laozi or Lao tzu, is a Chinese classic text.
i found this on a site,describing the philosophies of the east...and liked this piece..
Knowing others is wisdom
Knowing the self is enlightenment
Mastering others requires force
Mastering the self requires strength
He who knows he has enough is rich
Perseverance is a sign of will power
He who stays where he is endures
To die but not to perish is to be eternally present ...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Closed eyes...

My closed eyes…

Shut up in a world,
of complete darkness;
from the commotion
and merriness outside,
My closed eyes
trap me
in a world
of loneliness,
Of my own…

Of rainbows,
stretching across the horizons;
Of Early primroses in the spring,
with the dew pearls
shining on them,
Of eternal bliss…
My closed eyes
Hold me
in a world,
Of my own…

Heavenly mountains
blessed with,
Pure white rivers,
Cascading down them,
Ending up in soft white foam…
As white as milk, they say,
My closed eyes
Leave me,
In a world,
Of woven dreams,
Of my own…

My closed eyes…

Through the ignorance,
The Butterflies-
Of different hues;
As blue as the summer sky,
As bright as
The rising sun;
They say…
All are unknown
To my closed eyes…

through the darkness,
The twilight-
has its own range
of colours,
They say…
All are unknown
To my closed eyes…

But little do they know,
That my eyes
Do not recognize
the vibrance;
As all the colours,
blend into darkness…
For me-
The sky’s blue,
The milk’s white hue
are all but known…
As, my eyes show,
the same darkness
when opened as
My closed eyes…

My closed eyes…

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Borders of our Fantasy..

A fire rages,
In the minds
of the people;
burning down homes,
dividing the nation,
with sticks of anger,
implanting the poison,
of revenge
into callous souls…

A nation is divided,
On the faith of god,
Into little communes…
By the borders,
In the minds of the people…
The fire spreads,
With the air of mistrust,
quickening it;
Killing hope,
with swords of hatred,
planting the venom
of vengeance,
into rigid minds…

A nation stands divided,
Into little pieces
of motherland…
By the borders,
In the minds of the people…

The fire rages,
With the torch
Borders of our fantasy…

Of death and violence,
Flashing brightly,
Till enmity’s evil shine,
Dims the light of virtuosity.
And anger’s dark cloud
Obscures the humane.
Till the strength of the nation
Is reduced to ashes.
And the traces,
Of love and peace,
Are wiped out.
Till the rich silken soil,
Lies barren of love…

A nation now lies,
Divided, broken…
As the borders,
In the minds of the people,rule…

Making a warfront of the janmbhoomi…
Borders, in the fantasy of human minds…

an obsession

Such an obsession
To be like them,
To have the sun’s rays
Bouncing off your
Sparkling skin…

Such an obsession,
To be the fair one,
To be called,
‘O thou fair lady’
The white one…supreme…

White stands for pure,
But, do white skins,
Mean that,
The souls residing
In them are the most

Why then,
such an obsession
with the fair?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

okay,it seems that i am the fresh victim of this thingy called tag...
i din't even know what it was.But,when i did,it was my turn to be under the hammer...lol
feel free to take out any kind of interpretation of these,because,without any doubts,it wouldn't match with mine...:D
in doing so- put your brains aside...
analyse not with your heart...
Then,read with the remaining of your elements...

Anyways,i was tagged by aneesh and here it goes...

1.If your lover betrayed you,what would yor reaction be?

what kind of reaction can you expect?I would leave the crying part to him...and chuck that person....and yes,maybe forgive...but thats just a maybe...lol

2.What's it that you see in an ideal partner?
Well,Intelligence,intellectual compatibility,and an ability to think and analyse things beyond the obvious.a mature being,to whom i would love talking to.I believe in loving a person who can make your life beautiful rather than loving a beautiful person,among many other things...

3.What according to you is a perfect date?
havent thought much...but my birthday would be an ideal one...lol

4.How would you propose to your love?
wats this?how do i know!

5.Will you fall in love with your with your best friend?
hmmm...a best friend is a best friend ...cmon!

6.Which is more blessed-loving someone or being loved by someone?
i think being truely blessed is to love someone and be loved in return,unconditionally....that maks a perfect blessing...else,things would go haywire...

7.How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
Atleast,not a lifetime,i am sure...

8.If the person you secretly like is attached,what will you do?
like i said before,it is vital that the person you love loves you back...

9.What do you think are the foundation stones of a good relationship?
uncontional love and support system,understanding of a true kind,and trust and faith...

10.What according to you is the most beautiful thing about relationships or marraige?
i think one must experience to say somthing about it...which i havent...

11.Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
being happy pursuing my dream,and passions in life,living to the fullest...and making everyone proud...being a notch apart from the rest...content and willing to take on anything in life....looking back at years and smiling quietly...

12.Whats your fear?
lizards!!now don't tell me to face my fears...mwahahahaha

13.What kind of person do you think is the person who tagged you?
hmmm...well,aneesh,the self-defined arrogant,sarcastic person...a nice friend...of all i have come to know about him,he's one person you can share ideas with...and discuss anthing from analysing little details to psychology to serious spiritual stuff and not to forget, speeches...becuase he has a knack of coming up with great speech ideas...and one who can speak to you about all the self-help you need...lol

14.Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
hmmm...rich and single...would minimise so many of the sufferings that i would be shedding off on other's shoulders...

15.If you fall in love with two people simultaneously,who will you pick?
I would never fall in love with two persons at a time,first of all...
16.Would you give all in a relationship?
In that serious relationship,yes...

17.Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
I believe in forgiveness but i cant actually forget anything in life easily...

18.Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
right now,i have no choice, have i?one has to experience before saying anything...

19.Your all time favourite song.only one and why?
hmm...Where angels fear to tread,by Bryan adams.soothes me instantly...makes me feel as if i were in heaven...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

To know...

Deep within, thoughts stir,
And tears float about,
But cascade,they cannot,

To know, the reason,
Why I want to cry,
And clouds of gloom,
want to hover around,
Why has the talk ended;
To know that,
Is my heart dying…

Long back,
Like tales of our dreams,it was,
When fury was unheard of,
Smiles were all around,
To know ,
Whether it was deemed to stop,
Or it wont grow,
Or why all that refuses
to come back,
to know that,
is my heart yearning…

How long, it seems
without those talks,
those silences,and endless debates,
your preaches and lovely insights.
To know,
Whether the future is
Nothing but the same.
Is difficult…

But,as they say,
Some things never change…
It was said that they never will…
And it is in this heart'
that they never shall…

Voices that never die...

Some voices never die,
As the harp of time
Goes on,
Like the soft murmur
Of trees,
Like the sound of
raindrops pelting down,
like the early chirping
of the birds,
like the voice of thy heart
never does cease,
even as your
ivory hairs are
testimony to your quietitude…

some colours never fade
as the rainbow of eternity
like the bright hues
of lilies in spring,
like the azure of the
summer skies,
like the soft snow
drifting down the sky,
like the brightness of
thy mind,
never does go,
even as the wrinkles,
are testimony
to your dullness…

some moments never go away,
they remain,
even as the clock ticks away…

Friday, January 16, 2009


Broken,Shattered lay.

bones,houses,bonds-meant to stay...

dreams of nation swept away.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My World of Black...

My world of black

They say,
That black is
A colour for emptiness,
That for evil,
And everything dark…

But look once,
Through my inner eye,
And you see everything,
But for darkness…

You will sense,
A hundred shades of black,
Blending into
One another
Creating vibrant patterns…

You will see,
Pretty images
Of little fairies,
And of beautiful flowers
Holding a wide spectrum
Of colours…

You will realise,
a whole world,
Exuding an aura,
Of happiness and warmth…

As, for me,
All dreams, fantasies,
And visions
Exist in this colour
Of black;
For me,
My world of black
Is brighter than theirs’…

To the sweet memory of Ballads...

I have just been introduced to the technique (and magic) of haiku poetry...what is amazing is the ability of restraining the whole mass of thoughts and then embodying it into a few syllables,forming a certain seqeunce and employ the element of humour too...Haiku now rules the world of poetry...Long gone is the age of drawn out,narrative ballads...

Monday, January 12, 2009

You are my god...

You are my GOD!

When my heart is lonely,
And fear beseeches me,
Then ‘protector’ is the synonym for you...
Then only do I discover
That you are there with me...

When my soul is crying,
Over heart clenching tragedies,
Then you are the only consoler I seek...
Then only do I remember,
That you are there with me...

When my mind is tired
Of running day in and day out,
Then you act as an elixir of life...
Then only am I satisfied,
That you are there with me...

When I feel earth-bound,
Then you are the brain to tell me,
That flight is yet to be discovered,
Then only do I feel determined
that you are there with me...

When I feel like a bud,
Ready to blossom,
like a new born star
Ready to shine,
Then you are the one to remind me
that there is room for more...
Then again, do I realise
that you are there with me...

When my heart is elated,
Of having achieved everything
from dreams to fantasies,
Then you are the one to tell me to lie low,
That a bird also needs some earthboundedness
Then only do I feel re-assured
that you are there with me...

And when failure revisits,
You are the one to tell me
that brightness dawns
only after the dark of the night,
Only then do I feel re-enclosed in your warmth
and that you there with me...

And then one day,
I aspire to regain everything,
And make you proud,
That you were my creator,
Then do I see
your hands held up,
To shower blessings on me...
Then only do I feel
That you are there to bless me...

You are my GOD...

Voices inside my head...

Voices inside my head…

Shouting, screaming,
Commands in all directions
Like the army commander
Pursuing his team
Across a warstruck battlefield
-The lashings of the waterloo…

Voices inside my head,
Preaching, giving sermons,
Such influence,
they excude;
Like our holy father,
Almost calm like
The bible in his hands,
Yet powerful.
Voices in my head…
Crying out in agony,
Torrents of tears streaming out,
Like the clouds in a dark ,stormy night,
pouring out tears
of rain.

Voices inside my head…
Singing songs
In joy and cheer;
Like little notes of a symphony;
Springing uplike blossoms of life…

Voices inside my head…
Laughing about
In pure glee,
Like a clown,
Dancing to his own Antics,
in pure amusement.

They laugh, they talk, they cry, they cheer.
But yet,
You may not hear them,
As they do not speak;
Only through me,
Do they have, The power of expression.
I cry out their sorrow, through my tears;
My laughter celebrates their happiness;
Their frustration is let out through my anger;
And yet only in my silence, you may find their quietitude.

So,the next time,
You see me
Pendulating back and forth
these moods,
Do consider my plight
and remember
-Its not me but,
Only The voices inside my head,
To blame.
The voices inside my head...

a note of randomness...

While creating this blog,my mind was just the way it usually is,behaving in a way an eyeball does while you are in deep sleep,moving randomly from one position to another rather quickly. This is the motion that gives you dreams.So,by comparing a mind to a random motion, we can rather judge the ambiguity of thoughts generated by it.While a mind does move from one topic to another,it gives you these ideas,just as the rapid eye-ball ball movement gives rise to dreams in sleep...
To brief this up,I want the reader to take note of the randomness of the contents this blog may have in the future...
And to note the title of the blog,all I can say is,each thought has a spirit of its own,so let the spirit take its wings... happy reading!