Tuesday, March 24, 2009

philosophy in lines...

The Tao Te Ching or Dao De Jing, originally known as Laozi or Lao tzu, is a Chinese classic text.
i found this on a site,describing the philosophies of the east...and liked this piece..
Knowing others is wisdom
Knowing the self is enlightenment
Mastering others requires force
Mastering the self requires strength
He who knows he has enough is rich
Perseverance is a sign of will power
He who stays where he is endures
To die but not to perish is to be eternally present ...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Closed eyes...

My closed eyes…

Shut up in a world,
of complete darkness;
from the commotion
and merriness outside,
My closed eyes
trap me
in a world
of loneliness,
Of my own…

Of rainbows,
stretching across the horizons;
Of Early primroses in the spring,
with the dew pearls
shining on them,
Of eternal bliss…
My closed eyes
Hold me
in a world,
Of my own…

Heavenly mountains
blessed with,
Pure white rivers,
Cascading down them,
Ending up in soft white foam…
As white as milk, they say,
My closed eyes
Leave me,
In a world,
Of woven dreams,
Of my own…

My closed eyes…

Through the ignorance,
The Butterflies-
Of different hues;
As blue as the summer sky,
As bright as
The rising sun;
They say…
All are unknown
To my closed eyes…

through the darkness,
The twilight-
has its own range
of colours,
They say…
All are unknown
To my closed eyes…

But little do they know,
That my eyes
Do not recognize
the vibrance;
As all the colours,
blend into darkness…
For me-
The sky’s blue,
The milk’s white hue
are all but known…
As, my eyes show,
the same darkness
when opened as
My closed eyes…

My closed eyes…