Sunday, January 25, 2009

Borders of our Fantasy..

A fire rages,
In the minds
of the people;
burning down homes,
dividing the nation,
with sticks of anger,
implanting the poison,
of revenge
into callous souls…

A nation is divided,
On the faith of god,
Into little communes…
By the borders,
In the minds of the people…
The fire spreads,
With the air of mistrust,
quickening it;
Killing hope,
with swords of hatred,
planting the venom
of vengeance,
into rigid minds…

A nation stands divided,
Into little pieces
of motherland…
By the borders,
In the minds of the people…

The fire rages,
With the torch
Borders of our fantasy…

Of death and violence,
Flashing brightly,
Till enmity’s evil shine,
Dims the light of virtuosity.
And anger’s dark cloud
Obscures the humane.
Till the strength of the nation
Is reduced to ashes.
And the traces,
Of love and peace,
Are wiped out.
Till the rich silken soil,
Lies barren of love…

A nation now lies,
Divided, broken…
As the borders,
In the minds of the people,rule…

Making a warfront of the janmbhoomi…
Borders, in the fantasy of human minds…


  1. a brilliant poem, full of truth and compassion.