Sunday, January 25, 2009

an obsession

Such an obsession
To be like them,
To have the sun’s rays
Bouncing off your
Sparkling skin…

Such an obsession,
To be the fair one,
To be called,
‘O thou fair lady’
The white one…supreme…

White stands for pure,
But, do white skins,
Mean that,
The souls residing
In them are the most

Why then,
such an obsession
with the fair?


  1. i also sometimes get obsessed of being a bit more fairer...though i m fair....
    but color of skin doesnt have to do with soul....both are independent species.....
    if we see practically,ya people these days give more value to skin color instead of seeing their personality and his/her heart....dont know why.....

  2. I have seen this phenomenon sooo many times. I don't get the fair skin obsession @ all.

  3. wow!really creative...a great take on d 'great Indian obsession'

  4. i m pretty much disgusted by this habit of people judging by the skin colour...but i can still do pretty much nothing more than write about it...views are hard to change!