Monday, January 12, 2009

Voices inside my head...

Voices inside my head…

Shouting, screaming,
Commands in all directions
Like the army commander
Pursuing his team
Across a warstruck battlefield
-The lashings of the waterloo…

Voices inside my head,
Preaching, giving sermons,
Such influence,
they excude;
Like our holy father,
Almost calm like
The bible in his hands,
Yet powerful.
Voices in my head…
Crying out in agony,
Torrents of tears streaming out,
Like the clouds in a dark ,stormy night,
pouring out tears
of rain.

Voices inside my head…
Singing songs
In joy and cheer;
Like little notes of a symphony;
Springing uplike blossoms of life…

Voices inside my head…
Laughing about
In pure glee,
Like a clown,
Dancing to his own Antics,
in pure amusement.

They laugh, they talk, they cry, they cheer.
But yet,
You may not hear them,
As they do not speak;
Only through me,
Do they have, The power of expression.
I cry out their sorrow, through my tears;
My laughter celebrates their happiness;
Their frustration is let out through my anger;
And yet only in my silence, you may find their quietitude.

So,the next time,
You see me
Pendulating back and forth
these moods,
Do consider my plight
and remember
-Its not me but,
Only The voices inside my head,
To blame.
The voices inside my head...

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