Thursday, January 15, 2009

My World of Black...

My world of black

They say,
That black is
A colour for emptiness,
That for evil,
And everything dark…

But look once,
Through my inner eye,
And you see everything,
But for darkness…

You will sense,
A hundred shades of black,
Blending into
One another
Creating vibrant patterns…

You will see,
Pretty images
Of little fairies,
And of beautiful flowers
Holding a wide spectrum
Of colours…

You will realise,
a whole world,
Exuding an aura,
Of happiness and warmth…

As, for me,
All dreams, fantasies,
And visions
Exist in this colour
Of black;
For me,
My world of black
Is brighter than theirs’…

1 comment:

  1. As for myself, i love darkness. The shades that are formed by mingling of light with black creates good shades.
    Last line is a great ending, black being 'bright'.