Sunday, January 18, 2009

To know...

Deep within, thoughts stir,
And tears float about,
But cascade,they cannot,

To know, the reason,
Why I want to cry,
And clouds of gloom,
want to hover around,
Why has the talk ended;
To know that,
Is my heart dying…

Long back,
Like tales of our dreams,it was,
When fury was unheard of,
Smiles were all around,
To know ,
Whether it was deemed to stop,
Or it wont grow,
Or why all that refuses
to come back,
to know that,
is my heart yearning…

How long, it seems
without those talks,
those silences,and endless debates,
your preaches and lovely insights.
To know,
Whether the future is
Nothing but the same.
Is difficult…

But,as they say,
Some things never change…
It was said that they never will…
And it is in this heart'
that they never shall…


  1. people have a hobby to tear out the heart and drown it in salty sea water where rabid turtles eat it...


    use the brain instead of the heart your brain controlez youi...



  2. well,true...but i wasnt submerged in a sea of tears while writing this...was rather in a crowd of smiles... :) lol...

  3. your words have a very tranquil quality, and who knows how the matters of the heart work...


  4. According to what I feel, vagueness and nebulosity are best felt than expressed.
    However, your attempt is convincingly far-reaching and the words do enough justice to the thoughts.
    Very nice.